Alphabet and Attitudes

I am honored by Chloé’s invitation, as one of the 26 global fashion bloggers to participate in the “The Alphabet” game, in order to celebrate the 60 anniversary of Chloé. Each blogger will get one of the 26 letters and use it as a keyword to launch a unique online exhibition. The exhibitions will not only  review the archive of brand 60 years’ classic designs but also will release a number of historical pictures,sketches and profiles which were never been decrypted. I get the letter “V” represents “Visit” to a huge retrospective exhibition called “Chloé.ATTITUDES” at the same time in the Palais de Tokyo of Paris. I will be there next month and if you are just in Paris right now, why not “pay a Visit”to this wonderful event?

View of the exhibition

The alphabet concept is inspired by the brand founder Gaby Aghion, she use the letters as a unique approach to cataloguing her collections. It is hard to imagine, Chloé the brand always gives a feeling of fresh and girly has been established for 60 years. After Aghion, many women’s wear design-masters, including Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, and today’s creative director Clare Waight Keller, continue to maintain the  easy, natural and feminine essence of Chloé. The modern and fresh air still spread in Paris fashion industry today which was created by Aghion who broke the rigid traditional couture in the past.

Chloé.ATTITUDES exhibition also highlights these qualities, compared with many exhibitions, there is no heavy historical data. The famous curator Judith Clark doesn’t simply arrange the clothes by time or periods. She cleverly makes a playful and thematic path through Chloé’s creativity, pausing at key moments within its history. In the new-decoed Palais de Tokyo, models wearing the Chloé’s beautiful dresses and standing all around, the hair artist Angelo Seminara makes a great and dramatic wig collection for them and creates a humorous atmosphere.Similarly, Chloé feminine qualities in the exhibits have been reflected, the clothes rarely have the tight and cramped style, they are more like relaxed and chic dresses, to liberate women’s body and soul. The interesting prints like banana  graphic bring us a modern and approachable concept of pret-a-porter.

In the early years, Aghion hired a bunch of young talents and new inspirations to her fashion house. Now the exhibition focuses on the contribution of 9 creative directors including Aghion of the brand,they are Gérard Pipart (pre 1963), Maxime de la Falaise ( late 1970s,who is Loulou de la Falaise’s mother) ,Karl Lagerfeld(in charge the fashion house from 1965 to 1983 as well as 1992 to 1997 ) , Martine Sitbon (1988 to 1992), and the modern female designers who we are familiar with Stella McCartney(1997 to 2001) , Phoebe Philo(2001-2006),  Hannah MacGibbon (2008-2011)  and Clare Waight Keller.  The word “Attitudes”  can perfectly explain their different creative spirit.No matter Lagerfeld’s soft and a little luxurious design, McCartney signature and  remarkable graphic printing, the Philo’s British interpretation, or the Keller’s keeping balancing the image between teenage boys and young girls. The Chloé girl will always be young and approachable, like Chloé’s design, that every girl is always willing to put it on.

Shower Cabinet

Psychadelia Cabinet

Cornfields’ Cabinet

View of the exhibition

Bananas Cabinet

Flowers Cabinet

Graphics Cabinet

Games Cabinet

Photograph Walls

Check out the exclusive preview video of the extraordinary exhibition.

Exhibition Info.
Chloé Attitudes
Palais de Tokyo, Paris
29 September – 18 November 2012
More Info. 

Check out the Chinese version on PROZAC JOURNAL 



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